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David Joy’s Videos

Remember these!

The first three are short TV commercials for Titleist featuring David as Old Tom with John Cleese.
The fourth video is David Joy at the British Golf Museum as Old Tom in 2012.
The fifth video is an hour long documentary narrated by David as Old Tom in St Andrews.

Tom Morris: Keeper of the Greens
“You’ve done a fine job in bringing to life an important figure and era in the game’s history. I hope it does well for you”
Jack Nicklaus

“I have just seen your video, “Keeper of the Greens”. I did so enjoy it – well done!”
Peter Alliss

“I enjoyed it immensely and certainly understand how important it is to constantly remind people of the wonderful traditions of the game. If people cannot travel to St Andrews, your video provides a wonderful insight into this romantic town”.
Ben Crenshaw

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David Joy Seascapes - Oil on Canvas

"Scapes" of depth and texture capturing the Scottish artist's spirit and day to day observations of the ever changing atmosphere of Scotland's East Coast light. Varying in size, there are over 80 of David's Seascapes to view and purchase in the Gallery Shop. The site also has details of David's exhibitions around the world and of his "Scapes" series in particular.


David Joy Illustrator - Scottish Wildlife Series

David's studio is situated in his garden, a real haven of character, wildlife and peace. With no shortage of inspiration, his illustrations share the nature and beauty of Fife's animals, birds and insects amid the flora.

Featured here is a selection of David Joy's Wildlife Series which are to purchase as prints or greetings cards