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David Joy

Golf Author

& Illustrator

St Andrews & The Open Championship, The Official History – 1999
By David Joy

The Scrapbook of Old Tom Morris – 2001
Compiled by David Joy

Scottish Golf Links – 2004
David Joy with Kyle Phillips. Photography by Iain Macfarlane Lowe

St Andrews: The Old Course and Open Champions – 2006
David Joy with Kyle Phillips. Photography by Iain Macfarlane Lowe

St Andrews and the Old Course – 2016
David Joy, with photography by Iain Macfarlane Lowe and Christopher J Lowe

The Joy of Golf
David’s latest work to be published soon

David in his studio with a draft copy of the book before it has been bound, which gives an idea of it’s size. This is a large format book with 420 pages, over 900 illustrations and over 80,000 words. There are many ways to describe ‘The Joy of Golf’,  David flamboyantly describes it as “a somewhat quirky illustrative tour of the rise of the Open Championship.”

The Joy of Golf is an absorbing historical record, a golfing montage formatted in the style of a large scrapbook and David’s passion for the game is wonderfully displayed on every page. There is an incredible amount of detail and the narrative is expressed in part through his portrayal of Tom Morris.

This has taken David many years to write and compile. The illustrations alone took David thousands of hours to painstakingly draw, and his artistic flair becomes apparent almost immediately upon opening the book.

Packed full of easy to read ‘must have’ golfing information, every Open Champion from 1860 to 2019 have pages and illustrations devoted to them.

Early Champions

The Open

Allan Robertson was a third generation feather ball maker in St Andrews, he was also the greatest golfer of his day and a mentor, friend and golfing partner of Tom Morris. On Allan’s death in 1859 Tom was instrumental in creating the first Open Championship at Prestwick (where he was now based), to find the next great champion golfer. The year was 1860 and Tom was the first to tee off, but he would have to wait another year before winning the first of three Open Championships himself.

The Grip

As a golf historian, David goes into great detail about all aspects of the game, including a keen eye and artistic detail for the important rudimentaries of play we all try to perfect.

The Swing

Three further example pages from the book

The Joy of Golf will be available through Titleist

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David Joy Illustrator - Scottish Wildlife Series

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